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Happiness - A new Boymeat chapter

Last night, for the first time in I don't know how long, I went to bed in my own bed happy. I slept for a whole night, an amazing, wonderful dream-filled sleep, with a smile on my face. I woke up smiling. This is unheard of.

Yesterday, there was a traveler going west to San Francisco, with a hat on her head, given to her at the terminal. The person who gave it to her boarded a plane to NYC with a similiar personal memento clenched in his hand. A new connection was made in Columus, Ohio (of all places... hee!)... a new path that desires much exploration. Slow, careful, deliberate exploration.

I had finally made it to Ohio, with its own difficulties of course. My 5 PM flight on Saturday finally made it into the air at a quarter to 11 PM. A little past midnight, I was in Ohio. That night, I made up for lost time, made a new friend, made my presence known on her belly, and slept... for about 3 hours. Maybe.

Sunday afternoon, I taught my two classes, and a connection was made. A hard, sudden connection. See above. Disposable tools were bought in preperation for the evening's festivities. See below.

Sunday night, a whirlwind. First, the chance to relieve myself. I think B was surprised that it involved her. Then, well, I'm just not sure what to say about what happened next. No words will do it any justice. I suppose the closest description would be a magical romp through a world of pain and discovery, a wide-eyed demon dancing with a fairy with many items of clothing. The image of her eyes is still deliciously haunting me.

Finally, the scene of reckoning. Two mean tops, one man who needed to go down. The bloodiest scene I have ever done. WOOF.

My host, well, what can I say about her. ;-) We had a fabulous time, and hopefully, if I did my job right, every movement causes pain for her right now. *kiss* Thank you for this incredible weekend, G.

I'm happy. So fucking ridiculously happy right now. I'm bulletproof.

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