Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

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I just may be crazy...

OK, I might be insane... or I might be a kinky genius. I'm not sure which.

I think I have come up with a novel thought for a BDSM bondage device. I think it is pretty damn cool, and I do believe it would garner some interest amongst those bondage inclined.

So, I took it upon myself to e-mail a manufacturer known for producing similar items, to ask for a quote for a larger sized item.

No, I'm not gonna let the cat out of the bag just yet... I want to see if this is possible first. But, if it is... ooooooh, the possibilites have me salivating.

My houseguest thinks I am insane. So do my parents. Though my father WAS the one who suggested the manufacturer in the first place. God I love my parents.

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