Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Feet or not to feet...

So LJ has this cool thing where you can see a list of people who has similar interests as you, right? Well, for fun, I put bare feet, toes, and feet in my profile... considering I am the resident foot whore in NY. Clicking on one of those topics brings up almost 100 different people, mostly women, with the same thing.

So, now the trick is trying to make assumptions if they list feet on a hippy I love the feel of walking around in bare feet perspective... or if they are the rare Holy Grail of foot fetishists - women with foot fetishes. They are rare creatures, and yummy when you find them.

I have actually been thinking a lot about my foot fetish... I have come to identify that I am truly compulsive when it comes to feet, especially in this season when sandles are all the rage. I am contantly scanning the lower extremities of people as I move along the day, staring after legions of feet. I have figured out that I could very easily do my worst enemies' feet... if they were pretty.

I really need to organize a foot orgy for myself one of these days. 10-20 women, me lying down, their bare feet all over me. I better have ambulance support standing by for that one though.

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