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TNG3 after a day of work and sleep...

I'm still not entirely ready to jump into my own full description of the weekend. But, I'll make some quick summaries.

- All in all, I think the event rocked. Lots of connections were made, anniversaries were celebrated, reunions took place, new meetings brought happy new couplings.

- Minor casualities, including the quick restocking of almost an entire panel. I think it worked anyway.

- Everyone loved Edge. I am so happy about this... when I booked him, everyone said, "um, who?" Heh. Doubt my programming capabilities again! ;-)

- I did not kill a certain someone who has managed to earn a place in the top 5 of my shit list. He will have words, in due time.

- Gay men have managed to frustrate the shit out of me. More on this in another post.

- I have amazing, beautiful, inspiring friends. Words cannot describe the serenity and excitement they provide in my life. I love you. All of you.

- My friends are also insane, combined with the fact that Muppetness is infectious. I now own a 15 DVD set of Muppets, along with a Muppet chessboard. There were more sexual shoutings of bork bork bork than I could ever imagine.

- My extended family is exactly that. Family. My nephew Brian, my sister Tessa, and their families in kind. I don't know what I would do without them in my lives.

- I love fairies. Lots. Fairies rock my world.

- With all this goodness, I am also mourning a dead relationship. It was good while it lasted. I will miss it.

I am still without sleep, as I had to work yesterday and today. After today it is onward to the next adventure, my Calfornia expedition. I leave tomorrow morning on a 7 AM flight out of Islip, Long Island for Los Angeles, where I take care of some unfinished business from IML. After a possible Disneyland romp with VERY naughty people (including the head vamp of my family), I set out for a 6 hour drive to San Jose.

In San Jose, there will be a memorial for Bear. I will cry lots.

Finally, I head up to San Francisco with the entire family, and meet up with my fairy. And then, right back down to San Jose for the night.

I fly home on Monday, the 29th. On Tuesday, I sleep. Lots.

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