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Random but neccessary life updates

I realized that a lot of things were left hanging in my posts, so, here is some clean-up.

Mom - she will be operated on tomorrow. The situation is that one of her breast implants (she has had two bouts of breast cancer, and recontructed them both) has burst, and is leaking. Repairing this is usually a quick in-out procedure, but my mother's conjestive heart failure (due to her lymphoma) complicates things somewhat. The surgery was delayed in order for a cardiologist to examine her first and give his blessing. Blessing has been given, the surgery is tomorrow, she should be fine.

Frustrating gay men - I am thinking about stepping down as co-facilitator of GMSMA-TNG. I just don't identify with those guys... I don't belong.

Exhaustion - yep. Still exhausted.

Thank you's - a lot of people have been thanking a lot of people for TNG3. I need to do mine... and most of these people read my journal, I think. So, thank you to:
Pete - the best damn co-programming guy I could ask for
Flagg - for pinching in at the last second as security, and writing a summary of the weekend that practically brought tears to my eyes
Susie Q - You are a goddess, simple as that

There are many others... some that I know don't read this, so I will tell them personally... and others who I am forgetting.

Bed now? Please?

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