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More Deep Thoughts by Boymeat

I think this time I'll leave the baby seals and the used car salesman locked up in the closet where they belong. Besides, they like the dark.

So, I'm wearing a new t-shirt underneath my dress shirt today. Bought for me by a friend for my birthday, it reads "I swear I didn't know she was 3." I find it so amusing to be walking around the office with that shirt on. I can't wait to combine it with leather and offend people.

I can't help but cycle through my head pictures of friend's feet. Lovely, lovely, LOVELY images. Yum.

I forgot to talk about my trip to BEAUTIFUL Asbury Park, NJ. I say beautiful because... well... my love for irony I suppose. So, the contest was fun, great people won, getting to sit in on the interviews and listen to the questions was cool as shit. But, after that, boooooorrrrring. No SM players, and everyone was getting drunk. Whoopie.

I wound up paying for two hotel nights. Let me tell you, there is nothing like sleeping alone in a king size bed in a horribly gaudy Asbury Park hotel room to make you feel secure about your life. On Saturday night, after the contest, I was just sitting around, talking to people, casually fingering the whip that I had tied around my waist under some strange delusion that I might actually get some... and I started calculating my evening. Hmmm, I could go back to the hotel room, sleep alone once again in BEAUTIFUL Asbury Park... or, I can get in my Pimp Daddy Van (tm), drive the hour and a half home, and... sleep in my own bed.. and... oooooh, I could check e-mail. I could check e-mail!

I raced back to the hotel room to pack, check out, and speed on home to my computer.

Yes, e-mail was THAT much more exciting.

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