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Boymeat on Baseball

Alright, it's probably no surprise to anyone that I am rooting for the Yankees. Being a NY'er, and a lifelong Yankee fan, it's kind of obvious.

But, my reasons for doing so are not just blind NY'er allegiances. I cheer for the Yankees because I cheer for baseball as a national sport itself.

Let's go through this, shall we?

OK, so, let's say the Marlins win. We saw what happened the last time they won... no one cared! Even Florida baseball fans don't go to Marlins games. No one cares about them. So, a World Series ring for the Marlins is wasted, kind of like how every Californian wasted their vote on a steroid-filled gorilla recentely.

The Red Sox or the Cubs. Don't people realize that with all this time that has passed without a ring for either of them, we are direct witnesses to two of baseballs greatest legacies in practically the entire sporting world? If the Sox or the Cubs win, that legacy is gone, shattered! How could we deny baseball two of the greatest storylines? They can't win! It would ruin baseball!

So, clearly, the Yankees MUST win the World Series. Not just for me, not just for NY'ers, but for the future of baseball itself.


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