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Weddings and travel

Last night I accompanied Lolita to a FABULOUS wedding at the Museum of Sex. The bride and groom looked stunning... pure goth masterpieces. And the cake! Probably the greatest wedding cake I have ever seen. Defies description really... mutton chops (one of which was actually cake!), layers of cake underneath a level of hard sugar bones, followed by a cake leg of lamb, followed by more bones... a fetish paradise.

The guest list was a veritable who's who in the NYC sex scene. And of course, there was the occasional outburst of "wow, how did he get invited?" from various attendees. I got to hang out with Lolita, Kate Bornstein (the Gender Outlaw), and her partner Barbara. Lolita looked fabulous in a leather corset, long flowy skirt, and her Master's cover... getting photos taken left and right. I wore my tight, lace up leather pants, Wesco boots, a tuxedo shirt with my fancy buttons and cufflinks, a bowtie, and a leather vest. The outfit worked. ;-)

This weekend, I travel to Florida for Dungeon 801, where I'll be teaching classes, which includes 2 piss play classes. Guess I'll be drinking a LOT of water this weekend. Which is good, because it will keep me very hydrated for when I get my nipples pierced. I'll be looking forward to seeing (read: jumping) some old friends (oh finbubla!!!)

Also, special announcement for my favorite Boston people... I'll be up your way the 1st weekend of November! Which means I'll be there for Halloween. Lolita and I are plotting our outfits... this should be one to be remembered. *evil grin*

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