Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

Body.... hurt....

My back and legs are killing me! I think one too many rollercoasters... you see, I am NOT a rollercoaster person at all. Put me in car, and I'll go 100 mph without hesitation. Put me in a chair on a track, and I'm scared shitless. Of course, everyone I'm with loooooves rollercoasters, especially Kate.

So... there we are on Great Adventure's new one, the Nitro. On the incline, going up practically into the clouds, as if I wasn't scared as it was, there are these signs on the right... "You are now higher than the Great Pyramids... You are now higher than the Niagra Falls drop... higher than the Leaning Tower of Pisa." I closed my eyes. We get to the top, and it stops. All of a sudden, Kate screams "Phil, look!!" And I open my eyes... all I see is ground, not even the fucking track we're riding. The drop had to be at a 85 degree angle.

I scream "Oh... fuck!!" and closed my eyes again. Opened them when we stopped.

Today marks the first day in the search for a new job. Just called three headhunters... word is I'll probably have an interview by late this week/early next. I'm on the fast track out of here. See ya.

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