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Busy busy busy busy...

Oof. Wow I've been busy.

Last night I attended my company's 100th Anniversary party. I have to admit, it is pretty darn cool to be working for a company with that kind of history. In my industry, 100 years is a long, long time, so this was a big event. It was a veritible who's who there, with many clients - both former and current, along with many others.

I was "on" the entire night. This was not one of those parties where I could just sit back and enjoy. I was hustling, taking to sales reps, enteraining my clients, making new contacts. I think I may have spent maybe 20 minutes of the entire 3 hour affair talking to co-workers of mine. The rest was all hustling.

That was fun.

This week is another killer week, hell... the rest of the month is just busy as all heck.

As our new business guy likes to say... upward and onward.

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