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Home again...

Black Rose has came and went. I didn't think I was gonna be going, but I did. And, I'm glad I did. But what a whirlwind event. To summarize:

- All in all a strange event this year. Guess that is what happens when there is 1200 less people than you are accustomed to.

- Got to spend long quality periods of time with people I don't get to spend time with usually. Largely, this was because people I usually spend time with weren't there. Which made me sad. But, I got to spend time with others, which made me glad. Take your good with your bad, my father used to tell me.

- My arm is stinging right now from my re-cutting. I appreciate the stinging, it reaffirms that I am alive and well (despite my exhaustion-caused zombie state)

- Still trying to figure out who I pissed off in DC so badly that I got scheduled 10 AM classes both mornings. Still, it proves to me that SMers are hard-core. Stay up til 3 AM playing, and then go to a class at 10 to learn how to do more evilness. Packed classes both. Cool.

- I had hands down the most incestuous scene I will ever have in my entire life. Damn that was fun.

- Lesson re-learned: people should not commit acts of infidelity at an event with 800+ people and expect to get away with it. *shaking head* I'm sorry to see that happen.

- I'm on someone's do not play list. I find that highly entertaining.

- I am not allowed to ever enter a vending area again. But I guess it's OK when your Momma Bear says it's OK. ;-)

I'm tired. Work now. Sleep later. Snore.

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