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Thoughts about pee...

I had a very interesting experience recentely involving piss play, of sorts. And this experience has proved hands down why I think this kind of "play" is so special to me.

During one evening, I accompanied three different women into the bathroom, and sat on the floor and watched them pee. Very harmless, innocent, and could definetely be rationalized as an excuse to have more quiet time with them.

What is completely facinating to me is that each person had a totally different reaction to this... and each was it's own different kind of experience with vastly different meanings.

With one, it started as a little dare. But, when it had occurred, she had found it strangely erotic for me to be present during this activity. She had never seen pee games as anywhere near erotic. But, the act of me watching, entering that usually private moment, created an erotic energy to it.

For the second, it was completely goofy and silly. We laughed about it, we chuckled about it. And, as soon as it was done, we exited the bathroom, still laughing, and went on our merry ways. Totally innocent, totally funny. Like two children doing something just slightly naughty, and amused to all ends about it.

The third was an earth shattering experience. Here the intimacy was felt... and hearts and minds opened up like the Grand Canyon. My eyes actually get a little teary remembering this. Words of love and support and unfiltered emotion came through during the experience. We were showered with waves of love for each other.

A lot of people ask me why in the world I would identify myself as someone being into piss play. Here is my reason why.

I love my friends.

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