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Kill Bill Volume One

I saw Kill Bill Vol. 1 last night (yeah, yeah, I know... what took me so long?)

The movie fucking rocked. It kicked my fucking ass. Quentin Tarantino is a sick motherfucker. I seriously believe that anytime we discuss a Tarantino flick, you need to throw the word fuck in every sentence, just to do him the slightest amount of justice.

But we knew all that. So, I'm not gonna talk about that.

Instead, lets talk about this: Kill Bill Vol. 1 has completely proven to me that Tarantino has a foot fetish. And, no, I don't mean oh, yeah, her feet are pretty, whatever. No, I mean the guy is like me... he is a full-out, I can jerk off to my worst enemies feet if they're nice kind of guy.

Let's look at the evidence:

Pulp Fiction - the foot speech (is a foot massage sexual?)
Jackie Brown - I swear, he spent at least 2 minutes of film time doing a slow zoom on
Bridget Fonda's feet
From Dusk Til Dawn - Tequila running down Selma Hayak's leg, entering Tarantino's mouth
from her toes. Close ups on her feet galore.
Kill Bill - I now have Uma's feet burned in my memory. Enough airtime to jerk off and
not have to hit the pause button.

The only Tarantino flick that I know of that didn't have any feet was Reservoir Dogs. But that had no women in it. And, if there were female feet in it, they would have probably have been shot and/or cut off. And then held up to prove the point.

Yep. Quentin is a sick motherfucker. God I love his movies.

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