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I swear, if someone told me this happened to them, I would have thought it was a joke, and never believed them.

Client calls and tells me to do x, y and z.
Client follows up call with an e-mail, saying explicitly to do x, y an z.
I do x, y and z. I follow up with an e-mail stating I did x, y, and z.

This was a month ago.

Client calls today, very pissed off, to ask why did y happen?
I e-mail client, forwarding them their e-mail instructing me to do x, y and z.
Client calls, and says there must have been miscommunication, and why didn't I call them about this?
I respond, saying there was no miscommunication, that it explicity had said to do x, y and z.

Client is still pissed at me for doing y. Despite his instructing me to do so.

I can't win. Stupid people.

Edit - I'm still aggravated. This is the first time I have ever been blamed by a client for doing what they wanted me to do. Unbelievable.

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