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Day three.

Hospitals are so draining.

I was at the hospital from 1 PM until 7 PM. 11 AM to 1 PM was spent getting people ready, talking to various family members, and shuttling people back and forth.

At 6, I used the excuse of needing to buy something for my brother to get out of the hospital and go for a drive. I needed it to break the monotony of the hospital walls.

He'll be very happy with what I bought him.

Grandpa hasn't gotten any better. Blood pressure is way up, and he was pretty much asleep the entire day. Yesterday he at least had a few hours where he was semi-awake. They're gonna start physical therapy tomorrow, in which they will move his paralyzed left side every hour.

My father, aunt and uncle need to have a long talk about what comes next. Because I'm afraid they're going to be pressed to make some decisions, and quick. My aunt and father are in agreement with what to do... my uncle, the eldest... he doesn't seem to want to let go yet.

I'm going to go to work tomorrow, put out a few fires, and make sure everything is OK on that front. If I do enough work, I should be able to stay out Friday. In the meantime, both my older brother and sister will be coming in tomorrow to pick up the slack.

It is good to see the entire family work together like this. But... I hate to say this... it makes me wonder... where were all of them when it was my parents who were in the hospital?

I am using this journal now for exactly what it is. A journal. A release. It feels good.

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