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Brighton Beach Memoires

Local friends of mine know how much I dislike living in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, and how I strive to move out of here.

Well, with all the negatives, I must admit, there are some definite advantages to the place as well. My neighborhood is terrific for entertaining. On a beautiful day, like today, there is sometimes nothing better than a nice walk along the boardwalk.

Today I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with an old friend from my college days. It was a beautiful day, walking slowly up and down the boardwalk, exploring all of the classic Coney Island relics and architecture of old. Catching up on our lives, and remembering fondly the good old days. Talking about life's goals, financial security, sex and gender theory, exterior displays compared with inner passions and drives, and how the two are often mixed up by others trying to look within.

It was a beautiful day. Thank you Tanya... it was a pleasure spending time with you again.