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Ways NOT to start a road trip - by Boymeat

When attempting to have a smooth ride to work in the morning so as to establish a good demeanor for an excellent road trip up north, try to avoid/take heed of the following:

1) Approaching your car 5 minutes late to find that your front left tire is nearly flat.

2) When attempting to put air in said tire, try to choose a gas station that actually has a working air pump, instead of having to go to several gas stations to find one that works. (Hint: if it says FREE AIR, it probably is in more ways than one. Pay the fifty cents.)

3) When driving to work, DO NOT under any circumstances take the HOV lane when you have only one person in the car, no matter how many countless days you have seen hundreds of other cars do exactly that. You WILL get a ticket for an undetermined amount of money, and probably some points on your license.

4) When the officer asks you for your drivers license, be sure that the one you are giving him is your most CURRENT license, and not the expired card with the address listed as Syracuse that you keep in your wallet to show people what you looked like when you were 17.

5) Try to have a parking space waiting for you when you arrive at your workplace, so that you can avoid endless circling of your block.

If you work dilligently to avoid all of the above, the morning before a road trip will be a much more pleasant experience.

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