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Still alive after Boston

While many feared that my hellish Friday would end in a ball of flames, I actually managed to get to Boston without any other incidents. In fact, the ride was fantastic. I had some of the best company one can hope for in the car - Cookie and Kat going up, Cookie and Lolita going down, and in between lots of other visitors. Car time is quality time, indeed.

Boston rocked. I as usual found myself running around Saturday like a chicken with its head cut off. I know too many Boston people!!!! But, they all rock. My classes went very well... had fun hitting people.

Mornings are always better when they start out with coffee and canings.

Had some amazing scenes, new experiences, and had friendships grow stronger. In fact, the entire weekend was just a joy. Sure, there were some definete WTF moments... quite a few of them in fact. But, all in all, an amazing weekend.

Now I just need to find time to sleep.

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