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There are certain people and things that sometimes make me think, why the hell do we bother? We fight and fight and fight for our rights to do what it is we like to do... we fight for sexual freedoms... and then immature pathetic joyhounds walk on in and screw it up for everyone. Because why the hell shouldn't they?

The FFF article today was the start. Yeah, the writer was obviously another one of those sensationalistic hacks to need to conjure up freak show terminology in order to get his "point" across. But, he also had a point. You know you are in a hotel open to the public. You know it wasn't sold out. You see other people there. So why are you going to wear items that you would die if your mother saw?

That should be a rule. If you're gonna dress fetishy for an open to the public event where vanillas are certain to be walking in and out on their own business... at least wear clothes that you would present yourself to your mother in. Just a start.

But then... this discussion occurs on one of the LJ communities I am a member of.

So this fucktard thinks that because it will make his dick hard, he can do whatever he wants. Screw the consequences. Screw the feelings and opinions of everyone around him. I usually balk at any statement about someone's age. But god damnit kid... someone should put a chastity belt on him and not unlock it until he grows the fuck up.

And kick me in the ass for getting riled up about it. Damn... just got baited on the 'net. I used to make fun of people who got baited into flamewars. Ugh.

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