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Bitch bitch moan moan.

I ache this morning. My neck is stiff on my left side, I have a sinus headache, nose is clogged. Blech. Not a happy morning this makes.

The need for the previously announced rant has gone away. My shock and awe feelings have ebbed. I'll quickly summarize... I don't care if it is legal or not, a site devoted to pictures of girl's feet between the ages of 8-14 is child pornography. These sites are designed for foot fetishists, and it is wrong. Even more so when people try to profit off of it.

Question is - how does one go about making problems for sites that those, while not tromping on 1st amendment liberities and muddying even deeper the definition of obsenity? I have no idea.

Me tired. Me wanna go home. We wanna find a sexy nurse at home wearing nothing under the white button-down to take care of me. I want to be cooked for, massaged, and then deliciously fucked for hours.

Yes, that would make me feel better. Lots.

Reality - I'm at work. Blech.


Feb. 13th, 2004 03:56 pm (UTC)
You basically just echoed the entire dialogue that has been happening in my brain. It's SUCH a grey line... and, yeah, it is only a sexual thing to a fetishist.

It particularly bothers me because I am a foot fetishist, so I can see the sexual overtones and what shithead is trying to accomplish. But, as you stated, I am afraid to say something about it in a legal sense because of that slippery slope.

I made it clear to the webmaster how I felt about their product. I can only hope others did the same.