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Sometimes, people suck.

It has been an interesting morning already. Reporters from both FOX 5 News and the Daily News have been in my building, seeking interviews. It would appear that an idiot has been writing anti-semetic garbage all over the building. Stuff like swastikas, "kill all the jews," and what not have been appearing on every floor.

I live in a 23-story building that has to be 90% jewish. Mostly retired families who moved to Brighton Beach to be near the water and Coney Island in their golden years. Lots of immigrant russian jewish families as well.

*sigh* It's such a cliche, how you hear about this stuff happening all around, but it never touches you until it comes to your front door. And, here it is... my first real touch with this kind of crap. It is probably just some young punk looking to start trouble for the hell of it. But, it is a shame none the less.

Interestingly, the building's security worked their hardest not to allow either news service into the building. Seems that the Trump Management Company that ownes my building complex doesn't want the bad press. Wonder why.

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