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But wait... good things DO exist!

Ok, that was a little depressing. So, let's focus on some of the GOOD stuff!

- Loving my faerie lots. She rocks my world. I never thought it would be possible to be so close and feel such stability from someone so far away. But, I do. She, along with Lolita, has been my rock. *kiss*

- I recentely had the surprise of the century and found myself a new niece. Oh, what adventures THIS one is gonna bring.

- Friends continue to be the amazing creatures that they are. Looking forward to seeing many in the next two months in my whirlwind travels.

- Yes, travels! I'm going to be traveling so much soon, it's incredible. This weekend I'll be away. In two weekends I'll be in DC for the Elephant Pee (DC's Leather Flee and Play Party, it's so much more fun to say Elephant Pee), and will be a card-dealer for the NCSF Charity Casino Night they're having. After that, to Portland for Kinkfest, CA for vacation and extreme amounts of naughtiness, New Orleans for LLC, and Atlanta for Fantasm.

- Yes, I know I've recounted my travels before. It is just so crazy, that I had to write it again.

- Once again, I didn't win the Northeast Pantheon award. I like Bob Forbes (the winner), he is a great guy. But... really... is winning titles service to the community? Or service to yourself? Anyway, it just makes me feel less guilty about not going this year. It's a silly event that needs to be cleaned up some. I'm chuckling about it.

Hmmm... that wasn't exactly a good thing. OK, here is one...

- I am at home, with my shoes off, and looking forward to at least an hour of mindless video game playing. That, my friends, rocks.

Adieu, and good night.

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