Boymeat (boymeat) wrote,

At work today...

The kind judge gave us the day off today... but, of course, I do not get a day off. I have a shitload of stuff to do at work, so, gotta get cracken...

The case I am on is VERY amusing. I cannot shed any real details of the case, but I will say this, it has become a 3-ring circus. Family members of both sides everywhere... more cousins than I can count. I am amazed that some of my fellow jurors have been able to keep the names straight. I might need to draw myself a flow diagram. And x beget y beget z...

Here is the real kicker. We're not actually certain how the guy died.

That's gonna make deciding a murder trial very interesting, indeed.

In true Phil fashion, I have made many friends with fellow jurors. I do think we're the most fun bunch in the courthouse. You look inside other jury rooms, and they're just sitting there, nice and stoic... almost as if they were on trial. Us? We joking, we're sharing stories, we're giving everyone neat nicknames (Defense Attorney is now "Slick," the four jurors assigned as alternates have now been dubbed our "Stunt doubles."

Need sleep. Lots of sleep.

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